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Digital Marketing Perth - Social Force - Rifos

Rifos Boost Revenue by %200 with Social Force

After having recently undergone a change in ownership and branding, Rifos was looking for a way to reconnect with existing customers while attracting new ones. As a restaurant Rifos was a prime example of a company that would highly benefit from an engaging social media presence.

New page likes

New page likes on Facebook page

Page reach

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Digital Marketing Services for Rifos

Digital Marketing Services for Rifos

Social Media Marketing Challenges

Rifos had negative social media reputation from the previous owners, the main challenge for the new owners was to reconnect with previous customers.

Rifos Café was established in 1999 and has become an iconic destination in Perth’s dining scene. Which presents a challenge to change their branding and image. We instead had to work with keeping the existing branding.

Previous management tended to share low quality content and the images didn’t represent the food accurately.

Digital Marketing Solutions

We provided a unique social media strategy tailored specifically for Rifos, this combined with our expert Graphic Design, Photography & Videography services allowed Rifos to see a significant increase in engagement on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Digital Marketing Results

From January 2017, we increased Rifos’ likes by 1,364 organically and also increased the page rating to 4.5 out of 5 stars

1.1.2017 – 11.08.2017

  • New page likes: 1364
  • Page reach: 659.020
  • Page engagement:  59.889
  • Total Money Spent on Ads: $1,300

After successful social media management and strategies Rifos choose to continue working with Social Force.